Reciting the Holy Quran is one thing and implanting the teachings of the Holy Quran in our daily life is another thing which is important as well. Quran is the complete doctrine to live a pious life and Muslims are lucky that they have this Holy gift from Allah Almighty; a complete code of life indeed. Holy Quran not only guides the Muslims but it also guides and helps each and every person who refers to it regardless of the religion. Indeed, this Last Divine Book is for the whole humanity. Online Quran classes in the USA are working with devotion to spread the message of Allah to each and every corner.

Some people have a false perception that Islam is simply a religion which is inherited by one generation to the next. Islam comprehensively discusses about the philosophy of life and it is related to the lives of communities, societies and individuals. Islam presents solution to everyday life and all the social and cultural aspects as well. Online Quran teachers are serving the people around the world to make them realize that Islam is not just a religion and reading Holy Quran is not simply a tradition but to ponder upon and reflect. Holy Quran not only helps us to solve to our problems but also provides us guidance to live and lead a successful life.

Implementation of the teachings of Holy Quran in our daily life is the most important thing to do. Quran contains the real life stories of the old societies and traditions. These stories are put in front of us to understand the truth. For example if we take the story of Hazrat Yousaf (Alaih Salam), this story tells us how to control our wishes and how to remain contented in our life. Belief on Allah Almighty and His Mighty Power is the fundamental aspect which makes people strong and fearless.

“Do they not then earnestly seek to understand the Qur’an, or are their hearts locked up by them?” (Surah Muhammad, 47:24)

Holy Quran teaches us to observe and seek the truth. Truth is hidden in the natural laws that are controlled by Allah. We must try in our daily life to understand different phenomena because these ultimately strengthen our belief. Take for example some important pieces of knowledge that have now been proved by the scientists. It signifies that Allah has the knowledge of each and everything and He urges people to work hard to reveal the truth.

Time and again Holy Quran motivates its readers to understand things and follow the logic. Here, people have confusing ideas. We must keep in mind that Allah does not allow us to reveal the truth behind supernatural phenomenon because the knowledge and capacity of human brain is limited. We must understand that rather than creating false theories about things we do not understand, we must admit that such things are beyond the limits of our knowledge because mankind cannot have the knowledge of everything. As human being, we must know our limits and capacities. Online Quran courses for kids are designed in order to prepare the kids for a pious and happy life while strengthening their belief in Allah. The approach towards learning the Holy Quran must be practical. Just recitation is not the ultimate goal though it has its own significance which can never be neglected.