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Quran Pak Online Academy has been the most trusted name in Quran teachings since January 2013 where your kids can learn to read the Quran online with Tajweed with the convenience of your home.

Our Mission

The purpose of building Quran Pak Online Academy is to provide quality Quran teachings and services of Holy Quran reading, recitation, and understanding through our skilled, professional, and experienced Quran tutors to the kids & adults living abroad along with Islamic education so that every Muslim living abroad shall learn the proper Quran reading with Tajweed as well as the basic teachings of Islam.

People living abroad especially in the non-Muslim states can’t find the best and qualified Quran tutors easily and it is next to impossible for them to manage some time to pick & drop their kids at Islamic Centre for Quran learning but now with the help of internet technology and latest software, they or their kids can learn to read Quran online by sitting at their homes with their suitable time.

Why join QPOA?

Quran Pak Online Academy is the First Choice for every Quran learner because…

  • QPOA is a leading International online Quran Academy.
  • Free 1 Week Trial for your complete satisfaction.
  • Affordable that conveniently suits your pocket.
  • A weekly progress report is sent so that you can keep track of your child’s learning
  • Learn Quran online from the comfort of your home.
  • Flexible class timings let you schedule according to your convenience
  • Single teacher dedicated to every student.
  • Our Qaris, Hafiz, and Aalims are highly gifted in their field of Quran teaching.
  • Professional and Qualified Quran tutors are well versed with the process of online Quran teaching.

  • QPOA is professionally managed by a team with expertise and in-depth experience in Islamic Education.

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Intekhab Alam – Mississauga, Canada

We were on vacation and my kids did not want to miss any of their Quran classes. We were able to re-schedule their Quran classes according to our liking and the teacher was really great. We had no problem rescheduling the classes. They are very flexible with class timings. I am amazed that they arrange kids’ missed classes on Saturdays and Sundays to make the figure complete. Alongwith teaching Quran, they also give other Islamic education. My kids also learnt offering Namaz through this academy. The teachers are well versed with the online teaching methods. They offer different plans for all types of students and their charges for different plans are very economical. They also let us know on daily basis what has been taught.We are very much pleased with their services and courtesy.

Asma Manzoor – Toronto, Canada

Learning Quran means to stay in touch with Islam. It’s hard to find reliable Quran tutors in Canada. I was worried enough about the Quran education of my two sons. Then, I explored QuranPakOnlineAcademy.us as the best option, due to quality of their services. I always found them supportive and ready to help in any issue regarding change of timing, or learning sessions. The way course is designed and well qualified teacher with in-depth knowledge of what he is teaching using online tools effectively making all the difference. If my kids get late, even then the teacher gives proper time or compensate the missing classes either on Saturdays or Sundays. We as a parent are satisfied that we decided to select Quran Pak Online Academy which has given my sons an undivided attention for 60 mins every day. We definitely recommend Quran Pak Online Academy to all the parents. Thank you Quran Pak Online Academy team.

Asif Niazi – Dallas, USA

My daughter is taking Quran classes with Quran Pak Online Academy . I’m very happy with their teaching style .They motivate students very much therefore students feel very comfortable with them . By learning online, we also save time as we do not need to pick and drop the kid to the teacher. The very best thing in this academy is that they never let the class miss even if we forget the class timings. Their phone call service for class reminder is awesome. May Allah bless them.

Fauwad Jamal – Auckland, Newzealand

My son is just 4 years and he is having tuitions from Quran Pak Online Academy . Teacher is very good and very cooperative . Timings are flexible and he is very dedicated . Some times I got frustrated but he never shouts on my son. To be very frank I never believed of this type of Quran teaching before . Now I reckon this has started working for my son and he is learning . I will strongly recommend to other people especially to those who are abroad to get their kids around Quran Pak Online Academy.

Shahzad Jamal – Auckland, Newzealand

I have recited the Holy Quran many times in my life but I wish to recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed. My teacher teaches me with great patience and try to rectify my mistakes. I found Quran Pak Online Academy a very convenient way to recite Holy Quran from home.

Days Class Duration USD $
2 days a week 30 min class $25 per month
3 days a week 30 min class $35 per month
4 days a week 30 min class $40 per month
5 days a week 30 min class $45 per month
Sat-Sun a week 30 min class $35 per month
Sat-Sun a week 45 min class $35 per month


2 days a week

3 days a week

4 days a week

5 days a week

Sat-Sun a week

Sat-Sun a week

Class Duration

30 min class

30 min class

30 min class

30 min class

30 min class

45 min class


$25 per month

$35 per month

$45 per month

$50 per month

$25 per month

$35 per month

Your learning Quran online with a Quran teacher starts here!

Our portal is designed to bring teachers & students intent in learning Online Quran reading altogether.
If you are looking for a Quran teacher online or simply want to learn recitation of Holy Quran with Tajweed properly. This place is the most Innovative platform to help you learn the Quran online at your own pace, virtually: where you can use our methods to monitor you to learn under the supervision of a Quran tutor online.


Our Learning Online Quran platform enables you to join synchronously with your Quran Tutor Online and lets you have classes with an Online Quran teacher via Skype meeting. We provide online classes that make learning and reading the Quran fun & easy. We not only facilitate the students’ only recitation but also apprehend the true purpose of recitation the Holy Quran by understanding the meaning of the Quran and the purpose of each verse with its relevant content.

Six Kalmay

Our unique online Quran classes offer everyone a chance to learn Quran at home. You can study Quran online through skype. We manage online Quran tutors for you and your children. Here we provide female Quran teachers online and you can even increase your access to it as an app.

Skilled Male & Female Teachers

Our portal provides online Quran classes reading, Tajweed, Tafseer, and memorization nationally and internationally. Here you can learn the Quran online by highly qualified, dedicated, well-trained, and very skilled Male and female Quran tutors and academics, who are keen to teach the spirit of the Holy Quran.

Learn Quran by just sitting at Home

Our prospect is to offer you people learning Quran online by just sitting at Home in your time off. For this purpose, you just have to apply in our Online Quran portal and have a skype ID. Your online Quran Tutor will be assigned to you in a moment and will set your online class schedule according to your ease.

For females, we have Female Quran teachers who provide female students an opportunity to learn Quran online reading in sound choice.

Quran tutor for all

We make it easy to find online Quran tutors for you and your children. If you have difficulty finding a quality online Quran tutor, this place is best to make it easy by providing you online Quran tutor.

Opportunity to learning from HOME

By applying here in our online portal you will be able to reach your classes at your home. We offer several courses that have no age limit to attain.

Female Quran Teacher Online

For female students, we offer to learn Quran by Specialized female teachers online. That has rich knowledge and experience in their field. This is beneficial for you to improve your recitation of The Quran under the best female teacher online. So, this place is best for those female students that help you to learn and start Quran classes.


We select our online Quran tutors in a very strict way. We make it our priority to hire a certified expert Quran teacher. We believe that if a teacher is not an expert in his/her field it is impossible to teach pupils efficiently. For this purpose, we take every single measure to select the best one. Online Quran Learning is a very beneficial and useful way. Furthermore, it is a convenient solution for parents to monitor the performance of their child’s learning easily.

Flexible Timings

We know that it is difficult to follow a strict timetable online due to some eventualities. In this way, we make it possible to provide flexible timings. So that our students do not miss the classes.
It provides an opportunity for our students to learn according to their ease.

Go 1-on-1 with your quranic teacher online

Without proper attention, it is difficult to achieve our possible goal to learn Quran. In any madrassa, it is difficult to give proper attention to all students equally. That is why we opportune you to have a 1-on-1 session for every student with your Quran online teacher.

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