Quran recitation is among the basic obligations for the Muslims and it is the duty of each and every Muslim to learn, understand and apply the teachings of the Holy Quran in every walk of life. There are several reasons signifying the importance of recitation of the Holy Quran. Some of these are enlisted below:

  • Holy Quran recitation fulfills the fundamental Islamic obligation.
  • The Holy Quran will save its readers from the fire of the Hell on the Day of Judgment.
  • The Holy Quran will intercede for its readers on the Day of Judgment.
  • Reading the Holy Quran brings peace and mental satisfaction.
  • Holy Quran recitation reserves high ranks in the Paradise.

Due to the technological innovations, it has become easy to learn Holy Quran through the online classes. Online Quran classes in USA, Canada serve thousands of people who want to learn the Holy Quran.

Need to Learn the Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is the last book revealed by Allah Almighty and this is the only book which is in its true form and will remain so for the rest of the times. The teachings of the Holy Quran secure the success of the readers both in this life and the life hereafter. Holy Quran is a complete doctrine which leads to an ideal life. It deals with each and every aspect of life which covers individual as well as social matters. Basically, the Holy Quran is a guide for the people and whoever learns and follows the teachings contained in the Quran will become able to attain prosperity and progress in both lives.

Today, Muslims are facing a number of problems just because of the fact that the majority of the Muslims has turned its back to the teachings of the Holy Quran. It has made Muslims to suffer in one way or the other. A close affinity with the Holy Quran is necessary for the Muslims to achieve the glory once more.

“And indeed We have made the Qur’an easy for direction and guidance, but is there anyone who will take advice?” (Surah Al-Qamar, Verse 17)

The Purpose of the Holy Quran

It is a sad fact that people have forgotten the real purpose of the Holy Quran. When people face some problems, only then they refer to the Holy Quran and as soon as the problems are solved they again forget to read the Holy Quran. The purpose of reading the Holy Quran is to understand the message of Almighty Allah. Allah gives solutions and guidance to the followers of Islam. Again and again, Allah asks people to ponder upon different aspects of life and try to understand the universal laws. He Almighty asks people to use logic and find out how the universe works as a single unit.

Allah asks us to reveal the secrets of life and the Holy Quran guides us in this regard. Each and everything in the world and in the universe makes us realize that Allah is the mightiest power and everything is under the control of Almighty Allah. All natural objects praise Allah and follow the directions and rules set by Him.

Online Quran Recitation

Life is too busy these days. Do not worry, online Quran classes have solved this problems. These classes provide you with the most suitable online Quran teacher who is there to make it easy for you to learn the Holy Quran.

The recitation of the Holy Quran brings peace of mind. People who read the Holy Quran regularly are blessed with the internal satisfaction. It calms down the mental stress and it becomes easy to carry out the routine tasks of daily life. Scientific research has also proved this fact that recitation of the Holy Quran minimizes the level of anxiety and it calms the nerves down which is necessary for a peaceful life.

Online Quran courses for kids are also available and parents can now make their kids learn the Holy Quran without sending them to distant places. It is a fact that most of the parents cannot afford to send their kids to other places due to several reasons. Online Quran classes have turned out to be the perfect solution and now everyone can learn the Holy Quran easily and effectively.