Online Quran teaching is becoming a new trend now, with people moving on to Western countries for work purposes. Now you don’t need to find a tutor to teach your child the basic tenets of Islam, and how to read the Quran with proper Tajweed. You can simply find a tutor online, and let them teach your child through interactive programs like Skype etc for a minimal hadya/fee. One of the benefits of online Quran courses for kids is that you can arrange the timings according to your convenience. You can also choose a tutor of the same gender as your child, to avoid social problems.

The job of a good online Quran tutor is multifaceted. Tutors involved in online Quran classes in USA, Canada and other countries need to focus on mental development of children, and teach them according to their psychology. The minds of children are like clean slates, so tutors should focus on imprinting the basic tenets of Islam and the importance of pillars of faith like prayers etc on the minds of kids as well in addition to teaching them Quran.

Tutors should try to maintain a comfortable environment with the students. Since the system of communication is interactive, they should encourage the children enrolled in online Quran courses for kids to revise and repeat whatever they learn. This will help the kids to retain what they learn, and to practice it as well.

Tutors who are a part of online Quran teaching should also try to get students to understand the meaning and interpretation of the Glorious Quran in a neutral sense, if that is a part of the package. They should try to get students to make a habit of reading and reciting the Quran daily, so that their grip over Arabic becomes perfect.

No reading of the Quran can be complete unless it follows proper rules of Tajweed. Tutors should try to teach Tajweed principles and rules to the kids so that they grow up to read the Quran as it should be read. The benefits of reading Quran with proper Tajweed are numerous and can be availed both in this world and in the hereafter.

A tutor should also have good communication skills in English as well as in their native tongue. English communication skills are a must need because many people who hire online Quran tutors live abroad, and they require someone with good communication skills in English to guide their children.

Since the mode of teaching in online Quran classes in USA, Canada and elsewhere is based on internet, candidates aspiring to become online tutors should have a good knowledge of internet systems and management techniques as well. This would enable them to satisfy those who are trying to inculcate an Islamic environment in their home through Quranic teaching.

Most courses do not have a fixed schedule, and depend on convenience of tutor and student. So, tutors should be willing to work with a flexible schedule, which can be adjusted according to the needs and requirements of the kids. Tutors should also be able to work during nights and early mornings, since that is the time some people prefer for online teaching.

A great advantage if you are aspiring to become a tutor is when you are a hafiz as well, since people who have learned the Quran by heart can teach others more easily compared to other people.

To learn the Quran, and more importantly, to teach it, is one of the noblest professions on earth. The beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) declared the teacher of the Quran as the best among people and many Ahadees bear out the fact that the reward for such a person will be great, both in this world and in the hereafter.