Recitation of Holy Quran not only brings peace of mind and heart but it is also source of inspiration and reason of getting many blessings and bounties from AllahAlmighty. It is Hidayah (the right direction) from start to end rather, its each word is full of blessings and Allah’s will. Holy Quran is indeed complete health of body and soul. Since its revelation, it has been rewarding the humankind with Allah’s unlimited blessings showered upon His creatures.

With all its wonders, the Holy Book is a source of limitless knowledge and information and it shows the right path to people reciting it regularly. Contemplating the verses from Holy Quran and its recitation is so dear to the real Muslims that it cannot be overruled at any stage of life. Though it is in Arabic language and at times might not be understandable for all but even then its recitation is so interesting and heart touching that it never brings ennui to the person reciting it. It really opens hearts and minds of the people and exposes them to the hidden secrets of the universe. It carries so many virtues that it is not refreshing for the hearts and minds but it also roots very deep into and nourishes the souls also.

Each of its Ayah and Surah has its own significance; but obviously there are some specific benefits which are hidden in recitation of some specific Surahs like:

Surah Yaseen is known as heart of the Holy Quran and it is among those Surahs which are very regularly recited by trillions of Muslims a day. It is a great source of seeking Almighty Allah’s pleasure and satisfaction of inner self. It has been referred as rewarding health and recovery from many chronic diseases. Surah Yaseen has a special significance in the Holy Quran as told by many companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) himself. Its repetition, especially after Fajr prayer, brings happiness, prosperity and the wealth to the person reciting it. It is one of the most loved parts of the Book and millions and billions of Muslims memorize it by heart.

Surah Ar-Rahman: This great Surah of Quran is real classic example of the Allah’s beauty and His love towards nature. This Surah is in fact expression of Allah’s unlimited blessings showered upon humankind. This Surah is also repeated for the cure and treatment of the eyes. Recent research has proven that regular recitation of this surah is cure of many diseases and brings peace of mind and heart.

Surah Al-Waqia: This Surah is immediately preceded by the Surah Rehman and is extreme display of beauty and Allah’s love to the nature. Its regular recitation after Duhr prayer brings relief from the pain of loans and also brings ampleness in earnings.

Surah Al-Mulk: This Surah is also known as Munjiyah as it guarantees the mankind safety from the fire of Hell. Person reciting Surah Mulk regularly remains save from grave’s sufferings. It had been great wish of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that every Ummati (believer) should memorize this Surah by heart. Holy Prophet (PBUH) endorsed that person reciting this Surah is guaranteed not to be touched by the hellfire.

Ayat ul Kursi has great rewards and benefits for the believers. It is one of the blessed most verse of the Holy Quran praising Allah Almighty’s power over all things. Believers are advised to recite it after every Farz Salah.

Similarly, other Surahs/ Ayaahs of the Holy Quran are full of blessings and bounties. They show real and right path to the believers and bring the message of hope, peace and eternity for them. They make them get closer to Almighty Allah and help making their dreams to earn His pleasure true.

And Only Allah Almighty Knows Best!