It should be made clear that Islam is the religion that protects humanity and promotes peace and justice. Islam guides people to live a complete and prosperous life but not at all by snatching someone else’s rights or by adopting unlawful means. The guidance which this Ummah is blessed to receive from the glorious teachings of the Holy Quran covers each and every aspect of human life be it personal or social, financial or emotional. Islam provides certain rights to the people and these rights are made obligatory to be observed in each and every Islamic state so no one can be deprived from his/her due rights. Let us have a look at some important rights of the citizens in an Islamic state and know how much this beautiful religion is concerned about the welfare of mankind.

Securing Life and Property

Islam protects the life and property of each and every individual living in an Islamic state regardless of his/ her belief system. These rights are equally important to be observed for both the Muslims and the non-Muslims living in the Islamic state. It is the utmost responsibility of the Muslim rulers to ensure that every individual is protected and there is no threat to his/her life, dignity and property from any corner. Also, Islam is quite clear about the killing of an innocent individual. Holy Quran clearly mentions that an unjust killing of a human being is similar to the killing of the humanity as a whole.

Respect and Honor

Every individual is equal in an Islam state. Islam does not grant any kind of superiority to one group of people over the other. It strongly commands its followers to protect and respect the honor of fellow beings. It is the fundamental duty of the Islamic state to protect the honor of its citizens and save them from being underestimated or mistreated by any “affluent groups” in the society. The state should follow the due process of legislation in order to force people to respect one another.


Islam forbids its followers from backbiting and spying. It is the duty of the state to maintain the sanctity of the private affairs of every person living in the society. Islam teaches us that talking ill of someone in his absence is similar to eating the meat of your dead brother. It teaches its followers neither to call one another in an insulting way nor to abuse. Such detested practices are simply not in accordance with a Momin’s (believer) mannerism that Islam has taught him/her.


Freedom is the main element of an Islamic state. Islam was the first religion to abolish slavery. We know that slavery had been practiced in America even till the 17th century. Today people who talk against Islam should first have a look at their recent history. Islam is the first religion to ascertain freedom as the basic right of every individual. Non-Muslims are free to observe their religious duties in any Islamic state with the Muslim rulers being responsible for their lives’ safety. Also, they are free to participate in the social activities while living in an Islamic state. This is what we call the real soul of the concept of freedom rather the flamboyant freedom of speech/ expression slogans being raised in this time and age.

Freedom of Expression/ Protest against Tyranny

Islam allows people to express themselves freely and present their viewpoint. Islam even says that one who says the righteous words in front of the cruel ruler is doing Jihad. There is no place for tyranny in Islam. That is why Islam urges people to stand against tyranny and cruelty. Islam does not advocate the concept of remaining quiet while suffering from the unjust rulers.

Freedom of expression is the right of every person in the Islamic state. The best example comes from the reign of Khulfa-e-Rashideeen where we see that even Jews raised voices against the rulers and they had the freedom to register the case even against the Caliph. This is what we call the real freedom of expression.

I ask a question from all the modern so called superpowers that why a policeman killed the innocent boy in Ferguson? Is this freedom of expression? You call it the super power? Why has this super power been unable to eliminate the discrimination between a white and the black? Why did you assassinate Martin Luther King? Bring the answers to these questions first, and then criticize the religion Islam – real ambassador of peace and human rights since its advent more than 1400 years ago.