The Holy Quran is the last book revealed by Almighty Allah. More than fourteen centuries ago, it was revealed on the last beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). All divine books revealed before Quran had been changed by the people with the passage of time. The greatest thing about the Holy Quran is that Allah has undertaken the responsibility of preserving each and every word of this great book. Even after so many centuries, not even a single word could be changed and there are thousands of Muslims who have memorized the Holy Quran and it is saved in their hearts. This is a miracle in itself and even non-Muslims admire it as well. Today, a number of people are benefiting from the online Quran classes and are learning and understanding the Holy Quran right from the comfort of their homes.

Quran Tells Nothing but the Truth

Quran has been well known due to a number of true predictions and facts about scientific phenomenon which have never been denied by the scientists. Not even a single piece of knowledge could be proven to be false and each and every invention and discovery signifies the truth mentioned in the Holy Quran. Scientists are now taking Holy Quran as the certificate for the validity of any discovery.

Talking about the miracles of the Holy Quran will take days after days but no one can be able to explain all the miracles. Here are some of the important miracles of the Holy Quran which certify the truth of this great Holy book from Allah Almighty.

The Origin of the Universe

“He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth” (6:101)

Almighty Allah has given the detailed information about the origin of the universe. The facts and details have now been certified by the scientists after a long research and analysis. It has taken more than fourteen hundred years to the scientists to reach the conclusion that the creation of the universe is well and truly described in the Holy Quran.

The Big Bang theory explains that the universe was created after an explosion from a single point. Before this explosion, matter did not exist. This is what has been revealed in the Holy Quran already. Quran suggests that the universe was created out of nothing. Before this explosion, there was a condition of nothingness, which means no matter, no energy and no time. Water has been regarded as the basis for life. And Allah says in the Holy Quran:

“We made from water every living thing” (21:30)

The Movement of Mountains

“And you see the mountains, you think them to be solid, and they shall pass away as the passing away of the cloud– the handiwork of Allah Who has made everything thoroughly; verily He is Aware of what you do.” (27:88)

Mountains seem to be motionless and people continued to take mountains as a solid object which never moved. But the Holy Quran suggests that mountains change their positions as well even though they might appear to be static. Today, the geologists have confirmed that the movement of earth’s crust and vibration of underground tectonic plates causes earthquakes and forces the mountains to move a few meters away from their position. And this is not a single time incidence as it continues to happen time and again over the centuries.

The Miracle of Iron on Earth

Hadid is the Arabic word for iron and in Surah Hadid, Almighty Allah says:

“And We sent down iron in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind” (57:25)

“Sent down” is the word which astonished the scientists. Everyone knows the usefulness of iron but by that time nobody knew that composition of iron ores is not ordinary. Today, scientists have discovered that iron is not something produced under the surface of earth. Actually iron reserves came from the nuclei of big stars which happened to strike against the surface of the earth millions of years ago.

These are some of the fundamental and striking miracles of the Holy Quran and there are many more. The beauty of online Quran courses is that you will have a deep understanding of the Holy Quran rather than the conventional routine of recitation. An online Quran teacher will guide you and your kids in order to read, learn and understand the Holy Quran in a better way. It will open the new horizons in this regard as you will be able to understand the actual authority and majesty of the word of Allah Almighty.