“And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him; and that you be dutiful to your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them, but address them in terms of honor.” (Al-Isra’, 17:23)

The Holy Quran shows us the path to true humanity; it commands us in the right direction whenever we waver. With the radical advancement of times, relationships with our near and dear ones have lost their true meaning. Even the parents who have raised us and made us the people we are, we ignore and forget their importance, treat them harshly and in the end, totally undermine our existence as a successful human being. What we don’t bother is the fact that Holy Quran commands usto treat our parents with the highest possible extent of love and care and declares it a virtuous act; the blessings of Allah provided through these acts are a valuable asset in the world and also in the afterlife. It is our virtue to be obedient, responsible and dedicated towards our parents; even the slightest ‘Uff’ of discomfort will not be tolerated by Allah, such is the great honor and prestige bestowed on our parents.

As stated in the verses number 15 and 16 of Surah Al-Ahqaf the people who duly respect their parents and are good to them, may be even bestowed with the blessing of Paradise, overlooking all of their sins, only due to being committed to their parents.

The Holy Quran also guides us in the right path of maintaining relationships with our relatives. The act of maintaining and strengthening family ties is a responsibility towards Islam. The Holy Quran states

“…And be careful of [your duty to] Allah in whose name you demand [your rights] from one another, and [to] the ties of relationship; surely Allah is ever watchful over you!” (An-Nisa, 4:1)

This verse highlights the importance and magnificence of a family relationship and kinship. The duty to protect and strengthen family ties and relationships is of so much importance that it has been mentioned 23 times in The Holy Quran. At the same time, the punishment of breaking ties and relationships is deemed grievous in Islam. The Qata-Ur-Rahm i.e., severing of family ties without real reasons is unacceptable in Islam and the one who does so is cursed. Thus, maintaining a healthy relationship with relatives, is what the Holy Quran commands us to follow.

Islam gives emphasis on the fact that our friends should be abiders of Islam, should have deep respect towards Allah while being well mannered. Islam depicts friends as people who are with us during both our times of jeopardy and peace. Having evil friends who are sinners would engulf us in sin and wrongdoing and would earn us wrath of Allah Almighty and punishment on the Day of Judgement. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran,

“And (remember) the day when the unjust one shall bite his hands saying: O! Would that I had taken a way with the Messenger! O woe is me! Would that I had not taken such a one for a friend! Certainly he led me astray from the reminder after it had come to me;” (Al-Furqan, 25:27-29).

Friendship with one who is shadowed from the truth and is exposed to corruption should be avoided and disregarded as commanded by the Holy Quran and only friends of quality and of good manner should be embraced.

The Holy Quran consistently and in various verses emphasizes on the importance of relationships. People around the world have taken selfless stances towards their dear ones while embracing the people who are actually evil. But the Holy Quran always has the solution; the light; the guide towards the correct path. While many people argue about inheritance, it is said clearly in the Quran that the son and daughter both must receive their due share (son to be given double of what the daughter gets). Islam truly shows and depicts the bondage between people, as Holy Prophet(PBUH) said,

“You shall not enter Paradise until you believe; and you will not believe until you love one another. Shall I not guide you to a thing? Which when done, will make you love one another: Spread the greeting of Salam among you.”

And Only Allah Almighty Knows Best!