In religion Islam, before starting Salah (prayer) a person needs to undertake a purification process which is called wudhu and without which a person’s prayer is not acceptable in the sight of Almighty Allah.

Method of Wudhu:

  1. First of all you need to affirm in your heart that you are going to be pure before starting the prayer. This should be done by reciting Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim (In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful).
  2. Start from the right hand. Wash it completely including the wrist and then rub between the fingers. Keep in mind that you should not leave any place on your hand dry. Repeat this process for three times. Now move on to the left hand and wash it the same way as of the right hand.
  3. Now make a cup of the right hand, take some water from this cup in to the mouth, swirl in the mouth and then expel it out and sniff the remaining water in the nose, blow it and remove the water from the nose with left hand (three times).
  4. Wash the face three times starting from the hairline to the jaw bone. Then move on to the chin and rinse the whole face up to your ears on both sides. In case of men, the beard must be washed thoroughly. The best way to do is to wash it by entering the water from the chin and by passing the wet fingers through the beard( for men)
  5. Now move on to the right arm and wash it up to the elbow. Try to make sure that no part of arm (from nails to elbow) is left dry (three times). Wash the left arm up to the left elbow by making sure that the whole arm is washed completely.
  6. Wet both hands and place them on the front of head (starting from hairline) and pass the hands backward until you reach the nape and then bring back hands to the front of head.
  7. Use your index fingers in order to wash your ears from the inside. You can twist the fingers to wash each and every fold in the ear so that no part of the ear remains dry. To wash the ears externally, it is suggested to use the thumbs.
  8. Now move on to the right foot and wash it including the fingers and ankle. Enter the water between the toes with little finger and then wash the foot. Make sure that you wash the whole foot including the heel and the sole and no part of the foot is left dry (three times). Repeat the same procedure for the left foot.


In certain cases wudhu is not sufficient such as sexual impurity, impurity due to menstruation or nifas and due to any other case. In that case a Muslim needs to take bath or ghusl which is obligatory.

Method of Ghusl:

Ghusl is performed as follows:

  1. Wash both the hands including the wrists.
  2. Wash private parts.
  3. If there is any najaasat elsewhere on the body, remove it by rubbing it off.
  4. Perform wudhu and ensure that mouth and nostrils are thoroughly washed thrice.
  5. Pour water on head thrice, then pour water thrice on the right shoulder and then on the left. Now pour water on entire body and rub. It is compulsory to wet every hair till the very base. Not even a single hair on the body should remain dry during the ghusl.

Three compulsory acts for ghusl are:

  1. It is vital to rinse the mouth completely. You must rush the stream of water into the mouth.
  2. It is mandatory to rinse nose from inside to get rid of any dust or dirt.
  3. The whole body should be washed completely.

If someone performs these essential acts his ghusl will be valid.

And Only Allah Almighty Knows Best.