After performing the Wuddu in perfect manner, it is time to perform Salah (Prayer). For this purpose, a set pattern should be followed. Remember that there are different opinions regarding the positioning and postures according to different sects. So, in this article, we will be discussing the generally agreed rules (steps).

  1. The first step is to face the Qibla (Kabba). You may use the modern compasses for this purpose if you are not sure about the exact direction especially during a journey or if you are at a new place.
  2. Niyaah (an intention that shows your commitment) should be performed in heart even.
  3. After the niyyah you should raise your hands up to your ears and say the Takbiratul Ihram. It means to say Allahu Akbar.
  4. Qiyam is the next step. You must fold your hands across your chest. During this phase, you need to recite Surah Al Fatiha. After Surah Al Fatiha, you should recite any other Surah or some portion of Surah. Keep in mind that your right hand must rest above the left hand.
  5. After reciting the mentioned Surahs, you should bend down in a manner that your hands rest on your knee-caps and your back should be horizontal with the ground level (as much as possible). During the Ruku, you should read Subhana Rabi Yal Azeem (three, five or seven times)
  6. Then you should stand up saying Sammi Allahu Li man Hamida Rabbanna Lakal Hamd. After this say Allahu Akbar. After this you should perform prostration. Your knee should touch the ground along with the forehead and palms. During the prostration, recite Subhana Rabi Yal Aala (three, five or seven times). Then say Allahu Akbar while rising and Allahu Akabr before the second prostration and repeat the step once again. (Ruku is done once in a rakaah, while Sajda is done twice in a rakaah)
  7. Rise up and perform the next rakaah repeating the whole procedure. During the second rakaah, after prostration, you don’t stand up. You keep sitting and recite Tashahhud. Tashahhud is commonly known as Attahiyat.
  8. If these are two rakaahs then you should follow the next step, otherwise stand up saying Allahu Akbar and repeat the steps again for the third and fourth rakaah. If this is the last rakaah (either second or fourth) then move on to read Darood Shareef right after Attahiyat.
  9. After Darood Shreef, keep sitting and recite the Dua which is commonly known as “Rabbi Ja Alni Mukeemus Sallati”. After this perform the salam by turning your face first towards right while saying Assalamu Allaikum wa Rehmattullah and then turn your face towards left and repeat the salam.

These are the basic steps to perform Salah. For further insight of the details, you must consider the advice of the noble Islamic scholar whom you prefer. Also, note that there is a difference of posture to be followed by the Muslim women while performing Salah.

Performance of 5 obligatory prayers everyday is the most precious gift for us presented to Holy Prophet (PBUH) by Allah Almighty on the blessed night of Miraj. It is the blessed opportunity for Muslim Ummah to talk directly to Rabul Alameen, so don’t ever miss it.

And Only Allah Almighty Knows Best!

Jazak Allahu Khairun