Reading the Quran is a prerequisite to understanding Islam. The Holy Quran is, unlike other religious texts, a complete code of life for all human beings. As Muslims, we need to read and understand the Holy Quran so that we can create an Islamic environment in our homes and teach our kids what their religion is.

Nowadays, traditional methods of learning the Quran are falling from favor due to the busy schedules of children as well as due to certain societal issues. Instead, a modern method that is emerging is online Quran teaching. This method, mediated in the form of online Quran courses for kids is easy to use and allows for a greater flexibility compared to the traditional method.

While hiring a Quran tutor for your kids, you need to check for a few requirements. The tutor must have a good and sound knowledge of the Quran. They must know all Tajweed rules, so that your kids can learn how to read the Holy Quran properly. They should have an uninterrupted power and internet connection and a range of timings so that you can adjust your child’s timetable accordingly.

Nowadays they are many websites specialized for online Quran teaching. These websites offer online Quran classes in USA, Canada and other countries, and they offer free trials as well. You can utilize the free trial option to check various tutors and once you find one that suits your need, you can hire him.

Online Quran courses for kids are easily manageable. They offer female tutors for your kids as well. This is a distinct advantage since this avoids certain social issues that can arise. Moreover, these courses not only offer Holy Quran reading courses, but also offer Quran memorization courses, in which you can enroll your children if you want them to memorize the glorious Quran as well.

Most websites offer profiles for various tutors, where you can read their educational background, their proficiency, their skills and experience. This can be important when you are choosing the best tutor to teach your kids. Once you select a tutor, you can take a free trial and evaluate him. If you find him satisfactory, you can engage him to teach your kids the Quran.

The fees charged for online Quran teaching is very affordable and minimal. Most websites offer different packages that you can choose from—however, you can also contact them for a custom package based on your specific requirements. Some courses have specified timings, but these can be adjusted in case you have to go somewhere, leaving you with a flexible and easy to adopt schedule in which your kids are not affected.

Tutors should be chosen well-mannered, polite and student friendly, so that your kids get comfortable while reading Quran. Another aspect you need to check is whether you have a good working internet connection. Since most online Quran classes in USA, Canada and elsewhere depend on free software such as Skype and Team-Viewer, you simply need to install these software in your device once you arrange for the classes.

You can enroll your kids in one from different courses. They can read either basic Qaida with Tajweed; or the whole Quran (Nazra) with Tajweed or memorize the Quran with Tajweed. The duration for each course varies and these courses also include teaching the basic tenets of Islam, as well as how to pray and fast properly.

Hiring an online Quran tutor is much easier and effective than finding a traditional tutor who suits your needs. Reading and understanding the Quran is our responsibility. Therefore, enroll your kids in an online Quran class, and let them learn their heritage to gain success in both worlds!