Allah / Prophet Names


Allah is the greatest creator. In Islam, The asma ul husna 99 names of Allah are mentioned in the Quran. Although some names are mentioned in the Quran, and some are in the hadith. Some names are mentioned in both.

Allah has exposed his names frequently in the Holy Quran mainly for us to recognize who he is. There is not anything more blessed and sacred than sympathetic to the names of Allah.

In the Holy Quran Allah says:

“There is no divinity excepting Him. The best names belong to Him.”

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said:

“Allah has ninety-nine names, i.e. one-hundred minus one, and whoever be familiar with them will go to Heaven.”

The word Allah is the superlative and all-comprehensive celestial name. The 99 names of Allah are exclusive and unmatched and designates the reality of one creator of the world who is almighty and omnipotent.


# Name Transliteration Meaning
1 ٱلْرَّحْمَـانُ Ar-Rahmaan The Most Merciful
2 ٱلْرَّحِيْمُ Ar-Raheem The Bestowed of Kindness
3 ٱلْمَلِكُ Al-Malik The King and Owner of Protectorate
4 ٱلْقُدُّوسُ Al-Quddus The Completely Pure
5 ٱلْسَّلَامُ As-Salam The Excellence and Giver of Peace
6 ٱلْمُؤْمِنُ Al-Mu’min The One Who Provide Security
7 ٱلْمُهَيْمِنُ Al-Muhaymin The Protector, The Observer, The Supervisor
8 ٱلْعَزِيزُ Al-Azeez The All Mighty
9 ٱلْجَبَّارُ Al-Jabbar The Compeller, The Restorer
10 ٱلْمُتَكَبِّرُ Al-Mutakabbir The Supreme, The Royal
11 ٱلْخَالِقُ Al-Khaaliq The Creator, The Maker
12 ٱلْبَارِئُ Al-Baari The Originator
13 ٱلْمُصَوِّرُ Al-Musawwir The Fashioner
14 ٱلْغَفَّارُ Al-Ghaffar The All- and Oft-Forgiving
15 ٱلْقَهَّارُ Al-Qahhar The Subduer, The Ever-Dominating
16 ٱلْوَهَّابُ Al-Wahhaab The Giver of Gifts
17 ٱلْرَّزَّاقُ Ar-Razzaaq The Provider
18 ٱلْفَتَّاحُ Al-Fattaah The Opener, The Judge
19 ٱلْعَلِيمُ Al-‘Aleem The All-Knowing, The Omniscient
20 ٱلْقَابِضُ Al-Qaabid The Withholder
21 ٱلْبَاسِطُ Al-Baasit The Extender
22 ٱلْخَافِضُ Al-Khaafidh The Reducer, The Abaser
23 ٱلْرَّافِعُ Ar-Raafi’ The Exalter, The Elevator
24 ٱلْمُعِزُّ Al-Mu’izz The Honourer, The Bestower
25 ٱلْمُذِلُّ Al-Muzil The Dishonourer, The Humiliator
26 ٱلْسَّمِيعُ As-Samee’ The All-Hearing
27 ٱلْبَصِيرُ Al-Baseer The All-Seeing
28 ٱلْحَكَمُ Al-Hakam The Judge, The Giver of Justice
29 ٱلْعَدْلُ Al-‘Adl The Utterly Just
30 ٱلْلَّطِيفُ Al-Lateef The Subtle One, The Most Gentle
31 ٱلْخَبِيرُ Al-Khabeer The Acquainted, the All-Aware
32 ٱلْحَلِيمُ Al-Haleem The Most Forbearing
33 ٱلْعَظِيمُ Al-‘Atheem The Magnificent, The Supreme
34 ٱلْغَفُورُ Al-Ghafoor The Forgiving, The Exceedingly Forgiving
35 ٱلْشَّكُورُ Ash-Shakoor The Most Appreciative
36 ٱلْعَلِيُّ Al-‘Alee The Most High, The Exalted
37 ٱلْكَبِيرُ Al-Kabeer The Greatest, The Most Grand
38 ٱلْحَفِيظُ Al-Hafeedh The Preserver, The All-Heedful and All-Protecting
39 ٱلْمُقِيتُ Al-Muqeet The Sustainer
40 ٱلْحَسِيبُ Al-Haseeb The Reckoner, The Sufficient
41 ٱلْجَلِيلُ Al-Jaleel The Majestic
42 ٱلْكَرِيمُ Al-Kareem The Most Generous, The Most Esteemed
43 ٱلْرَّقِيبُ Ar-Raqeeb The Watchful
44 ٱلْمُجِيبُ Al-Mujeeb The Responsive One
45 ٱلْوَاسِعُ Al-Waasi’ The All-Encompassing, the Boundless
46 ٱلْحَكِيمُ Al-Hakeem The All-Wise
47 ٱلْوَدُودُ Al-Wadood The Most Loving
48 ٱلْمَجِيدُ Al-Majeed The Glorious, The Most Honorable
49 ٱلْبَاعِثُ Al-Ba’ith The Resurrector, The Raiser of the Dead
50 ٱلْشَّهِيدُ Ash-Shaheed The All- and Ever Witnessing
51 ٱلْحَقُّ Al-Haqq The Absolute Truth
52 ٱلْوَكِيلُ Al-Wakeel The Trustee, The Disposer of Affairs
53 ٱلْقَوِيُّ Al-Qawiyy The All-Strong
54 ٱلْمَتِينُ Al-Mateen The Firm, The Steadfast
54 ٱلْوَلِيُّ Al-Waliyy The Protecting Associate
55 ٱلْحَمِيدُ Al-Hameed The Praiseworthy
56 ٱلْمُحْصِيُ Al-Muhsee The All-Enumerating, The Counter
57 ٱلْمُبْدِئُ Al-Mubdi The Originator, The Initiator
58 ٱلْمُعِيدُ Al-Mu’id The Restorer, The Reinstater
59 ٱلْمُحْيِى Al-Muhyee The Giver of Life
60 ٱلْمُمِيتُ Al-Mumeet The Bringer of Death, the Destroyer
61 ٱلْحَىُّ Al-Hayy The Ever-Living
62 ٱلْقَيُّومُ Al-Qayyoom The Sustainer, The Self-Subsisting
63 ٱلْوَاجِدُ Al-Waajid The Perceiver
64 ٱلْمَاجِدُ Al-Maajid The Illustrious, the Magnificent
65 ٱلْوَاحِدُ Al-Waahid The One
66 ٱلْأَحَد Al-Ahad The Unique, The Only One
67 ٱلْصَّمَدُ As-Samad The Eternal, Satisfier of Needs
68 ٱلْقَادِرُ Al-Qadir The Capable, The Powerful
69 ٱلْمُقْتَدِرُ Al-Muqtadir The Omnipotent
70 ٱلْمُقَدِّمُ Al-Muqaddim The Expediter, The Promoter
71 ٱلْمُؤَخِّرُ Al-Mu’akhkhir The Delayer, the Retarder
72 ٱلأَوَّلُ Al-Awwal The First
73 ٱلْآخِرُ Al-Aakhir The Last
74 ٱلْظَّاهِرُ Az-Dhaahir The Manifest
75 ٱلْبَاطِنُ Al-Baatin The Hidden One, Knower of the Hidden
76 ٱلْوَالِي Al-Waali The Governor, The Patron
77 ٱلْمُتَعَالِي Al-Muta’ali The Self Exalted
78 ٱلْبَرُّ Al-Barr The Source of Goodness, the Kind Benefactor
79 ٱلْتَّوَّابُ At-Tawwab The Ever-Pardoning, The Relenting
80 ٱلْمُنْتَقِمُ Al-Muntaqim The Avenger
81 ٱلْعَفُوُّ Al-‘Afuww The Pardoner
82 ٱلْرَّؤُفُ Ar-Ra’oof The Most Kind
83 مَالِكُ ٱلْمُلْكُ Maalik-Ul-Mulk Master of the Kingdom, Owner of the Dominion
84 ذُو ٱلْجَلَالِ وَٱلْإِكْرَامُ Dhul-Jalaali Wal-Ikraam Possessor of Glory and Honour, Lord of Majesty and Generosity
85 ٱلْبَرُّ Al-Barr The Source of Goodness, the Kind Benefactor
86 ٱلْمُقْسِطُ Al-Muqsit The Equitable, the Requiter
87 ٱلْجَامِعُ Al-Jaami’ The Gatherer, the Uniter
88 ٱلْغَنيُّ Al-Ghaniyy The Self-Sufficient, The Wealthy
89 ٱلْمُغْنِيُّ Al-Mughni The Enricher
90 ٱلْمَانِعُ Al-Mani’ The Withholder
91 ٱلْضَّارُ Ad-Dharr The Distresser
92 ٱلْنَّافِعُ An-Nafi’ The Propitious, the Benefactor
93 ٱلْنُّورُ An-Nur The Light, The Illuminator
94 ٱلْهَادِي Al-Haadi The Guide
95 ٱلْبَدِيعُ Al-Badee’ The Incomparable Originator
96 ٱلْبَاقِي Al-Baaqi The Ever-Surviving, The Everlasting
97 ٱلْوَارِثُ Al-Waarith The Inheritor, The Heir
98 ٱلْرَّشِيدُ Ar-Rasheed The Guide, Infallible Teache
99 ٱلْصَّبُورُ As-Saboor The Forbearing, The Patient


The 99 names of Allah are known as ‘Asma Al-Husna’ which means ‘The Most Beautiful Names’.

In Arabic, the name Muhammad means extremely praised. The life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his traditions are of excessive implication and Muslims track his traditions all ended the universe. There are 99 names of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Some are mentioned in the Holy Quran like Bashir, Rauuf, Rahim, Mubashir, Rasul among others.

The list of all the Muhammad names (PBUH) declared in the Holy Quran has been numbered. When someone reads and learns these Hazrat Muhamad names with trust and smears the qualities each name recommends to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will reach paradise. Muslims can use the Prophet Muhammad names for their children. Here is a list mentioned of all the 99 names of Muhammad (PBUH).

# Name Transliteration Meaning
1 عادل Aadil The Justice
2 عالم Aalim The Scholar
3 عبدالله Abdullah Slave of Allah
4 ابوالقاسم Abu al Qaasim The father of Qasim
5 ابو الطاھر Abu at Tahir The father of Tahir
6 ابوالطیب Abu at Tayyib The father of Tayyib
7 ابو ابراھیم Abu Ibrahim The father of Ibrahim.
8 عفو Afoow Forgiver
9 احید Aheed He who takes to one side
10 احمد Ahmad Much praised
11 اجیر Ajeer He who is rewarded
12 علم الایمان Alam ul Eeman The banner of faith
13 علم الیقین Alam ul Yaqeen The banner of belief
14 علم الھدیٰ Alamul Hudaa Banner of guidance
15 علیم Aleem The Knowledgeable
16 امین Ameen The Honest One
17 النجم الثاقب An Najm-us-Saqib Shining star
18 عاقب Aqib The Latest
19 عربی Arabi The Arabi
20 اول Awwal The First
21 عین الغر Ayn ul Ghurr The chief of the chosen one
22 عین النعیم Ayn un Naeem The spring of blessing
23 عزیز Aziz The Honoured One
24 بالغ Baaligh He who attains the elevated station
25 بار Bar Pious
26 بشیر Basheer The Messenger of Good News
27 بیان Bayan Obvious words
28 برھان Burhan The Evidence
29 بشریٰ Bushraa Giver of good tidings
30 داع Daa The Invitor
31 دلیل الخیرات Daleel ul Khyayraat To guide to virtue
32 فاتح Faateh The Victor
33 فاضل Faazil Virtuous
34 فصیح اللسان Faseehul Lisaan The eloquent of speech
35 فتاح Fatah The Successor, The Opener
36 غنی Ghani The Rich
37 غریب Gharib The Poor
38 غوث Ghaus Succour, listener to complaints
39 غیث Ghays Shower of mercy
40 غیاث Ghiyaas Full of succour
41 ھاد Haad The Leader
42 حبیب الله Habeebullah Beloved of Allah
43 حبیب Habieb The Beloved
44 حفی Hafeey Very merciful
45 حافظ Hafiz The Guardian
46 حکیم Hakeem The Wise
47 حامد Hamid The Praiser
48 حمید Hamied The Thankful
49 حق Haq The True, The Truth
50 حریص علیکم Harees-un-Alaikum The Covetous for the Believers
51 ھاشم Hashim The Destroyer, The Crusher of Evil
52 حاشر Hashir The Awakener, The Gatherer
53 ھاشمے Hashmi The Hashmi
54 ھدیه الله Hidayatullah Gift of Allah
55 حجازی Hijazi The Hijazi
56 حزب الله Hizbullah Army of Allah
57 ھدی Hudaa Guide
58 حجه Hujjat The Right Argument
59 اکلیل Ikleel Chief (of Prophets)
60 امام Imam The Guide
61 امام المتقین Imamul Muttaqeen Leader of the pious
62 عزالعرب Izzul Arab The honour of Arabs.
63 جامع Jaami Perfect
64 جبار Jabbar Jabbar
65 جواد Jawwad The Generous
66 کاف Kaaf Sufficient, enough.
67 کامل Kaamil Perfect
68 کاشف الکرب Kaashiful Kurab He who solves difficulties
69 کفیل Kafeel Surety
70 کلیم الله Kaleemullah Who converses with Allah.
71 کریم Kareem The Noble
72 خلیل الرحمٰن Khaleel ur Rahman The freind of Compassionate.
73 خلیل Khalil The True Friend
74 خاتم الانبیآء Khatamul anbiya Seal of the Prophets
75 خاتم الرسل Khatamur Rusul Seal of Messengers
76 خطیب الامم Khateebul Umam Sermoniser for the people.
77 خطیب Khatieb The Sermoniser
78 خاتم Khatim The Finalizer
79 ماح Maah The obliterator of Infidelity
80 مدنی Madani The Resident of Madina
81 مدعو Madoow Who is called
82 مھد Mahd The Guided One
83 مھدی Mahdee Who is guided
84 مھدی Mahdiy He Who is Well Guided
85 محمود Mahmood The Commendable
86 مکین Makeen Who is given Rank
87 مکین Makeen Who is given rank
88 مخصوص بالعز Makhsoos bil Izz Chosen to be honoured
89 مخصوص بالمجد Makhsoos bil Majd Chosen to be on the right path.
90 مخصوص بالشرف Makhsoos bil Sharaf Picked up as a noble.
91 معلوم Maloom Known
92 مامون Mamoon Secure
93 منصور Mansoor Who is helped
94 معراج Maraj The Place of Ascent, The Above
95 مشھود Mashhood He who is witnessed.
96 مشکور Mashkoor The Thankful
97 متین Mateen The Strong
98 موصول Mawsool Having link with Allah.
99 مفتاح Miftaah Key to the secrets