Today’s society has changed a lot as compared to the earlier times. One big reason for this is globalization. Different cultures and norms have broken the geographical limits and have spread to the whole world. We see that western culture and language is spreading through media channels and their norms are making their way all across the world. Quite effectively, the western world is utilizing the technology and media in order to promote its culture globally. It is the wakeup call for the Muslims because despite having more than fifty countries in the world, they are struggling. They are not serious towards their duties. These aspects are damaging the lives of our kids as well. Online Quran classes in the USA have the ambition to spread the message, culture and teachings and norms of an Islamic society.

Our kids are our future and it is the duty of the parents to understand the seriousness of the matter. Islam is a practical religion and it requires a serious attitude and right approach from its followers. We have to preserve and spread the teachings of Islam. For this purpose, we must start from our homes. Our kids are the most precious asset and we cannot afford to ruin their lives by allowing them to become prey of the other cultures. An online Quran teacher understands his duties as he or she is given the clear directions to spread the true message of Islam and prepare the kids for a pious and successful life following the true Islamic spirit.

One of the most important duties of a Muslim is to provide his or her kids with the better facilities of education, both religious and formal. The dilemma with the current society is that people are running after the worldly success and in this way we are upbringing a materialistic generation who has no regard for the religious values. Kids are less responsible for this because it is the duty of the parents to show them the right path. Parents/ elders need to nurture their minds in a way that Islam becomes their top most priority. They need to strive hard to make their kids grow up as strong and true Muslims so that no worldly lures can impede their way towards practicing Islam. That is why Online Quran courses for kids are designed in such a way that they could understand the true spirit of the peaceful religion of Islam.

Today, people have imposed another stigma by identifying the Muslims as the fundamentalists. We know that 99 percent of the Muslims reject extremism and fundamentalism. But our enemies are using this approach to impart the sense of hate against Islam. Wake up Muslims! This is the time to understand and fulfil your duties. We have to justify our worth because Allah will questions us on the Day of Judgment. This is the time to prepare for the ultimate examination and test of our faith. Let’s start growing are kids in the pure Islamic way which is so gentle and kind to negate every form of extremism.