Understanding Islam and the MuslimsWhen we talk about any religion, we come across some complexities and confusions. This is due to the difference of opinions. Some people explain the concepts in a different way to the others. As far as Islam is concerned, it is quite a simple religion. It is very realistic and truly logical. Islam is closest to the nature and natural laws. It does not deviate from the cognitive approach. But unfortunately, the problem, here too, is that people have made things complex. The misleading explanations from different historians or scholars have divided the people into number of religious sects. And in fact one major cause of this Ummah, which has been declared in the Noble Quran as the best of people, for being divided into multiple sects is that we have started feeling proud of ourselves as Sunni, Salafi and Shia much more in comparison to being born under the beautiful fold of Islam.

Today, we want non-Muslim world know us through our sects rather through Islam. This is such a big tragedy with us that is not at all deviating us from our real purpose as Muslim but also serving as an impediment towards becoming a real slave of Allah Almighty. We should correct this attitude as we are Muslims because of Islam and not Islam is because of multiple Muslim sects. If we start implementing Holy Quran in our lives, we can surely avoid such practices.

Let’s learn to develop our understanding towards true essence of Islamic teachings and rethink about our role as its true followers being a true Muslim.

Islam: A Religion Based on Logic

Islam is a true religion which does not deviate from the reality. It is a complete doctrine and a complete code of life, helping people to live a good life away from lie, cheat and hypocrisy. Islam is based on realistic thoughts. It supports the truth and asks people to know the reality by investigating the facts and not believing on rumors.

Islam asks Muslims to search for the reality and truth. It asks Muslims to learn the fundamental arts comprising of both social and pure sciences. It strongly stresses upon the logical reasoning and the Holy Quran explains each and everything with logic. In the rising of the sun and its setting, there are clear signs for us to ponder on. Phrases like “Don’t you see” and “Don’t you understand” are repeated again and again in the Holy Quran to stress upon the importance of observation and cognition.

Balance – The Key to Social and Economic Issues

Islam supports the balanced approach in all walks of life. Islam does not favor the concept of isolation but urges its followers to participate in social affairs as well. It is obligatory for all Muslims to respect social norms and play a healthy role in the basic social institution such as family, education, social groups and public welfare.

Maintaining “balance” is the key factor in Islam. We are commanded to hold on this key to open up the locks to our economic problem, to deal tranquilly with our social relations and to save ourselves from falling into biddah (innovation in Deen). Islam encourages a dynamic and complete lifestyle. The concept of “social responsibility” by West that inspires us so much today is in actual derived from this beautiful religion which gives everything its due importance in the course of life.

Human Welfare

The main purpose of Islamic teachings is to serve the humanity regardless of the religious background. Islam talks about the good will and never encourages people to turn against the non-Muslims. A peaceful struggle is encouraged in order to restore the public welfare. The concept of using force becomes mandatory only in the most critical situations when no other option is left behind. It is the biggest supporter of human rights so much so that even at times of war, it doesn’t allow believers to hit or target elderly people, women and children. Islamic history is replete with several such incidents where the true followers of this religion won battles by winning hearts of people with their amazing attitude towards them.

Reformation through Action and Motivation

The life of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) teaches us to reform the society through peaceful actions. You cannot introduce reforms in the society only with the use of force. The real source of motivation becomes from the actions of the leaders or the reformers. Islam is a practical religion and it talks about the action rather than just words. We see that the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) impressed people through the noble actions and behavior in such a way that even the bitter most enemies of Islam had their hearts melted. The sweetness of the behavior of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) impresses the non-Muslims of today even and will continue to inspire them till the Last Day.

Misleading Content and Propaganda – Just an Attempt to Defame Islam and Demoralize Muslims

Islam had to suffer from the misleading concepts used to propagate certain false claims about the Islamic teachings. I want to make it clear that there is no place for the terrorists or the extremists in Islam. As a Muslim, my soul and the teachings of Islam do not allow me to harm the people in any way. The propaganda against Islam is altogether wrong because you cannot associate any extremist organization with Islam.

Islam is the religion of peace indeed. Without an iota of doubt, its teachings are marvelously practical to be adopted and implemented in every walk of life. May Allah Almighty Help us becoming true Muslims and Save us from being disintegrated into multiple sects. Ameen